4-6 February 2019
Centara Grand at Central Ladprao
Asia/Bangkok timezone
Deadline for full paper revision: 21 May 2019.

Natural Rubber Block as Radiation Shielding for Medical Applications

5 Feb 2019, 14:40
1h 10m
Centara Grand at Central Ladprao

Centara Grand at Central Ladprao

Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand
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Dr Orasa Onjun (Department of Science Service)


In this study, a prototype of commercialized-style radiation shielding blocks based on natural rubber mixed with radiation shielding substance (i.e. lead and tungsten compound) was developed. It was found that the mechanical properties of these radiation shielding blocks (including hardness, tensile strength and elongation) were reduced with increasing of the amount of radiation shielding substance mixed in the radiation shielding blocks. However, the reduction of these mechanical properties does not affect the actual utilization since these radiation shielding blocks are normally not subjected to any strong force or pressure. In addition, the SEM images showed the uniform dispersion of radiation shielding substances in the rubber block texture. The results of gamma shielding block attenuation test using $^{137}$Cs (662 keV) source and $^{60}$Co (1,173, 1,332 keV) source showed that based on the gamma shielding block attenuation property and production capability, the most appropriate formula was a shielding block with 60% lead oxide, which was able to completely shield gamma radiation (> 99%). In comparison with a radiation shielding block with lead oxide, a radiation shielding block with tungsten oxide showed similar characteristics. Due to the higher price of tungsten oxide, natural rubber block with lead oxide is preferred. However, with an environmental concern, natural rubber block with tungsten oxide is preferred.

Primary author

Dr Orasa Onjun (Department of Science Service)


Mrs Nichapa Buasuwan (Department of Science Service) Mr Thiti Rungseesumran (Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology ) Ms Natthaporn Kamwang (Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology) Dr Jatechan Channuie (Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology) Parichat Sinkaew (Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology)

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